baobab collaborates with the UPM and the Ramón y Cajal Hospital

Since last September, baobab soluciones has collaborated with the UPM ETSII in directing the practices associated with the Ingenia subjects. In this group of subjects, students carry out an engineering project in situations similar to those of a real professional environment. As the UPM ETSII guide says: “The basic guiding principle of these subjects is to develop the …

All You Need to Know About the Simio Academic Program

Are you an educator or instructor looking for the best materials and resources to teach your students about simulation modeling, scheduling, and analysis or a student looking to learn the techniques behind simulation and its real-world applications? Then you’re at the right place. The Simio Academic Program offers educators and students with extensive courses and …

General Simulation Project Approach

People often wonder when the best time is to incorporate simulation into a project. The answer, without a doubt, is at the earliest possible moment — when an idea for a significant system change or major investment is first being discussed. While it is true that at this early point in a project there are many unknowns and often very little data, simulation can still provide significant value with often a very low level of effort…

Simulationist Bill of Rights

In the Simulation Stakeholder Bill of Rights I proposed some reasonable expectations that a consumer of a simulation project might have. But this is not a one-way street. This Simulationist Bill of Rights describes some reasonable expectations on the part of the modeler.

Simulation Stakeholder Bill of Rights

The people who request, pay for, consume, or are affected by a simulation project and its results are often referred to as its stakeholders. For any simulation project the stakeholders should have reasonable expectations from the people actually doing the work.

Here I propose some basic stakeholder rights that should be assured.

Human Judgment Beats Simulation

Human Judgment, also known as Seat Of The Pants Analysis (SOTPA), is probably the least acknowledged but most widely used alternative to simulation. SOTPA is making decisions by instinct and feelings rather than using objective analytical tools.

Why Simulation is Important in a Tough Economy

Everyone wants to cut costs. No one wants to spend unnecessarily. When budgets are tight, software and software projects are an easy place to cut. Staff positions like Industrial Engineers are sometimes easier to cut or redeploy than production jobs. I suggest that following this reasoning to eliminate simulation projects is often short-sighted and may …

Simulation and Strategic Management

Guest article from Marco Ribeiro Corporations everywhere today face the huge challenge of surviving and growing in an extremely competitive environment. Markets are shaped and reshaped due to constant innovation, customer demands and fierce competition. All these forces demand that corporations continuously reinvent themselves trying to maintain competitive advantages that differentiate them from the competition. …

Help Wanted

Yes, it looks like hard economic times may be coming. But no, this has nothing to do with that. This blog is a community service. To continue to be effective, we need community participation. That means you. There are many ways you can participate. 1) Comment – At the end of each article is a …