Spending on Data Tools Expected to Jumpstart the Manufacturing Industry Post-Pandemic

Getting the manufacturing industry to its pre-pandemic levels is one challenge majority of CIOs have to deal with as economies open up. On top of the challenges Covid-19 brings, stakeholders in the manufacturing industry must grapple with supply chain disruptions, the political fallout from tariffs and a likely trade war on the horizon. The listed …

Production Planning Software and Industry 4.0

The latest era of industrial revolution – Industry 4.0 connects and revolutionizes various aspects of the industry including manufacturing processes as well as business processes such as supply chain. The increasing demand of customized product from the customer end is a major driving theme of this transformation in the industry. The traditional processes are highly …

General Simulation Project Approach

People often wonder when the best time is to incorporate simulation into a project. The answer, without a doubt, is at the earliest possible moment — when an idea for a significant system change or major investment is first being discussed. While it is true that at this early point in a project there are many unknowns and often very little data, simulation can still provide significant value with often a very low level of effort…

Simulationist Bill of Rights

In the Simulation Stakeholder Bill of Rights I proposed some reasonable expectations that a consumer of a simulation project might have. But this is not a one-way street. This Simulationist Bill of Rights describes some reasonable expectations on the part of the modeler.

Simulation Stakeholder Bill of Rights

The people who request, pay for, consume, or are affected by a simulation project and its results are often referred to as its stakeholders. For any simulation project the stakeholders should have reasonable expectations from the people actually doing the work.

Here I propose some basic stakeholder rights that should be assured.

Making the Date

It is rarely pleasant to miss a deadline, and sometimes it can be downright career-limiting. Last week, we talked about some problems that contribute to missed project dates. Now let’s explore some solutions. Step 1 – Objectives and Specifications We have already covered the importance of project objectives and specifications. Of course setting those objectives …