Introducing Simio Sync 2021 Digital Transformation Conference

Less than a decade ago, the greatest minds in the field of simulation modeling, scheduling, and all things digital transformation came together and agreed to share their knowledge directly with individuals interested in their field. Thus, Simio Sync was born…and we are delighted to announce the 4th annual event with a little twist; Simio Sync …

Simulationist Bill of Rights

In the Simulation Stakeholder Bill of Rights I proposed some reasonable expectations that a consumer of a simulation project might have. But this is not a one-way street. This Simulationist Bill of Rights describes some reasonable expectations on the part of the modeler.

Human Judgment Beats Simulation

Human Judgment, also known as Seat Of The Pants Analysis (SOTPA), is probably the least acknowledged but most widely used alternative to simulation. SOTPA is making decisions by instinct and feelings rather than using objective analytical tools.

Help Wanted

Yes, it looks like hard economic times may be coming. But no, this has nothing to do with that. This blog is a community service. To continue to be effective, we need community participation. That means you. There are many ways you can participate. 1) Comment – At the end of each article is a …