Introducing Simio Sync 2021 Digital Transformation Conference

Less than a decade ago, the greatest minds in the field of simulation modeling, scheduling, and all things digital transformation came together and agreed to share their knowledge directly with individuals interested in their field. Thus, Simio Sync was born…and we are delighted to announce the 4th annual event with a little twist; Simio Sync 2021 is going virtual and participation is totally free!

A year ago, the world was grappling with a pandemic that threatened the safety of everyone. To curb its influence, mandatory shutdowns and social distancing rules were implemented. Sadly, the pandemic stopped the world’s largest gathering of simulation, scheduling, and digital twin enthusiasts from congregating at Simio Sync 2020.

Today, Simio is back with exciting programs, new presentations, and opportunities to network with like-minded professionals at Simio Sync 2021.  The 4th annual event will is scheduled to hold on the 28th and 29th of September which means now is the time to book a spot for you and your team by registering today.

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What to Expect from Simio Sync 2021

Simio Sync 2021 - Success in Simulation and SchedulingExciting conversations, stimulating presentations and a friendly networking atmosphere is Simio Sync’s reputation. This year won’t be different. Although going virtual may limit physical interactions diverse programs have been put together to ensure participants relive the complete Simio Sync experience.

Simio Sync 2019 witnessed presentations from experts across the industrial divide speak on a wide range of topics. Presentations from simulation modeling professionals representing Lockheed Martin, the National Institute of Health, The University of Ohio, Mckinsey & Company, Spirit Aerosystems etc. where the highlights of the conference and Simio Sync 2021 is expected to top this.

The 4th annual event will focus on the application of digital transformation technologies to deliver new pathways for growth, as well as, overcome the operational challenges caused by a pandemic. Speakers across industries will also share the solutions they devised and describe how they saved time and money for their companies, as well as, the techniques they used within Simio to create beneficial results. Participants will learn about the application of simulation modeling, scheduling, and digital twin solutions through real-world use cases which makes it easier to implement within your enterprise.

Our exciting line-up of presenters and presentations will be unveiled in the coming weeks. Registering today ensures that you receive regular updates about Simio Sync 2021 that will help you plan better to curate your experiences for the September event.

Introducing Simio Sync’s Poster Presentations

We believe that going virtual provides an opportunity to enhance the interactions between presenters and attendees at the event. Thus, interactive sessions you can participate in include main speaker events and exclusive presentations which we call ‘Poster Presentations’.

A virtual poster presentation will bring a limited number of attendees in close virtual contact with expert speakers showcasing innovative applications of digital transformation technologies. Poster presentation sessions will be attended by 5-10 individuals who have the opportunity to ask questions to glean knowledge from the speaker presenting a project.

The attendance limitation for poster presentations fosters a more interactive virtual session as all attendees can ask the poster presenter specific questions concerning the shared project.

What Do You Need to Attend?

A mug of your favorite beverage, a headset, a comfortable chair, and your free ticket will be provided once you register! Simio Sync 2021 is a free virtual event and anyone interested in learning about simulation modeling, scheduling, and digital twin applications is invited.

Sessions will be moderated by Simio’s technical team to reduce interference and to ensure interactive sessions function as designed. We have also devised unique ways to interact and network with attendees who share similar interests with yours.

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Your Wish can be Our Command

We are interested in learning more about what you would want for the 2021 Virtual Simio Sync event. Knowledge of your expectations will help us with delivering an event custom-built just for you! Help us improve your participation experiences by taking this brief survey.

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