All You Need to Know About the Simio Academic Program

Are you an educator or instructor looking for the best materials and resources to teach your students about simulation modeling, scheduling, and analysis or a student looking to learn the techniques behind simulation and its real-world applications? Then you’re at the right place. The Simio Academic Program offers educators and students with extensive courses and resources to master the science of simulation modeling. Today, more than 800 universities make use of Simio as a teaching tool and you too can be a part of the program.

The importance of simulation modeling and analysis to business processes cannot be understated. This is why reputable commentators such as Forbes and the World Economic Forum list simulation modeling in their annual reports on tech trends to look out for. Today, knowledge about simulation technology is a highly sought-after skill and this article will answer all your questions about the Simio Academic Program.

What is the Simio Software?

Naturally, the first question anyone unfamiliar with Simio will ask, is what exactly the Simio Software is and how is it applied. The short answer to this is that Simio is a simulation and modeling software which is used to design accurate simulation models and digital twin representations. For the longer answer, some features of Simio must be described so you understand why it is the most advanced simulation software the world has to offer.

Simio offers advanced simulation and 3D modeling features for the design of simulation models and digital twin representations of processes and operations. The advanced features Simio offer means you can integrate complex parameters and real-time data to ensure the model is an accurate representation of a real-world process. The accuracy of the data and parameters used also leads to accurate simulation results which provide insight into the simulated process. Simio can be used to create discrete event simulation, agent-based and continuous simulation models according to your diverse requirements.

The 3D modeling features Simio offers mean you can develop interactive animated 3D models of facility-wide operations and other processes. Simio can take the real-time data produced from facility operations to develop accurate digital twin representations of the entire process. The digital twin mirrors the real-world performance of a system which makes it an important business insight and decision-making tool.

The Simio Academic Program

The Simio Academic Program is a melting point for students interested in learning simulation, educators looking for simulation teaching resources, and professionals interested in pursuing professional development through a simulation course. This means there are resources for everyone interested in getting started or improving prior simulation knowledge.

For educators, the Simio Academic Program offers a plethora of teaching resources which you can use to teach your students about simulation. These teaching resources include textbooks, laboratory workshops, presentations, and video lessons to make the learning process more active. Students and professionals interested in learning the basics of Simulation can make use of the different simulation textbooks that comprehensively cover simulation, as well as, the use of the Simio software. Simio Educational textbooks were written by pioneers in the field of simulation software technology who have integrated real-world teaching experiences to simplify the process of learning simulation.

Taking Advantage of the Simio Academic Grant

The Simio Academic Program comes with a Grant which hundreds of universities currently use to offer students the best simulation education that can be found globally. The Simio Academic Grant provides educators with the Simio Design Edition Software which gives access to Simio software and its complete features at no cost. Interested education departments and teams can also participate in the Simio competition to win great prizes.

For individuals or professionals interested in simulation technology and the Digital Twin, the Simio Academic Program offers comprehensive learning materials you can take advantage of. You can also join the Simio Forum and LinkedIn group to learn more about upcoming training events.

Compete with Your Peers at the Simio Student Competition

Iron sharpens iron and the Simio Student Competition sets the stage for student teams to put into practice acquired knowledge on the topic of model-building and simulation using Simio. Instructors are encouraged to view the biannual Simio competition as a platform for enabling student teams to tackle complex real-world problems and with great prizes.

A successful outing which sees your team end up in the top three positions at the end of the competition will lead to the reaping of rich rewards. You can prove that your team is the best in solving complex model-building and simulation tasks by signing up for the Student Competition here.

Take Your Simulation Studies and Learning Options Online

‘Things are a’ changin’ and Covid-19 is at the center of this change. If you have searched far and wide for a way to learn or teach simulation, analysis, and model-building without having to visit the four walls of a school, then you are at the right place. Simio now provides online learning opportunities through Canvas learning management system (LMS).

The Simio online course consists of 15 lessons, multiple objectives, workshops, and quizzes to test your students’ progress through the duration of the course. And here is a little secret; you can export the materials from CanvasLMS to the specific LMS you or the institution you belong to uses. Educators also get additional YouTube videos that breakdown complex topics using simpler learning objectives for students.

Is the Simio Academic Program for You?

For educators who plan to teach simulation modeling, the entire academic program is tailored around your needs. The program provides you with the Educational Grant which gives you and your students’ access to the Simio software and the extensive teaching resources curated by leading experts in the field of simulation.

You can sign up for the Simio Academic Program and the Simio Academic Grant here.

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